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Let's Jam provides a unique music camp experience filled with creativity, friends, and fun.  Our camps are for ages 7-11 year olds.  If you would like to schedule a camp for your 11-17 year old child and their friends and relatives(minimum of 4 campers) contact     Let's Jam at (719) 330-1271.  Campers, with or without musical experience, try all of the provided instruments--guitar, bass, vocals, keyboards, drums, percussion--while learning three to five rockin' songs.  Our unforgettable camps promote self-esteem, independence, and responsibility for all campers.  

Registration for Summer Camps is open!

9 am-11:00 am for ages 7-11

$175 per camper

Click on Summer Camps above for camp descriptions and to REGISTER.

If your child would like to have a Closed  Camp with only their friends or family contact Let's Jam at 719-330-1271


Let's Jam is currently offering FAMILY CAMPS.  As the title suggest Family Camps are only for you and your family members.  It is a one day camp lasting 2 1/2 hours.  Your family does not need to have previous musical experience on any of the provided instruments.  Your family band will learn two to three songs.  Total cost is $150.

***Call to schedule the private Let's Jam Family Camp, 719-330-1271.

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